The City of West Des Moines has established a Sister Cities Commission to assist the City Council in:

A.    Allowing community citizens and the people of similar cities in foreign nations to acquire a mutual understanding of one another as individuals, as members of their communities, as citizens of their countries and as members of the family of nations.

B.    To promote educational and cultural exchanges between institutions and citizens in our community and citizens of West Des Moines sister cities

C.    To coordinate and facilitate communication between businesses in the Des Moines metropolitan area wishing to make contact with businesses in Sister Cities, and to coordinate business and trade inquiries from West Des Moines Sister Cities directed to potential business partners

D.    To assist individuals and educational institutions in the Des Moines metropolitan area in acquiring and exchanging professional and technical skills with individuals and institutions in Sister Cities.

E.     To develop awareness of the International Sister Cities Program, its goals, missions, and accomplishments, and to create a bridge of understanding between different cultures of the world.

 The Sister Cities Commission Members are:

Erika Cook
Brian Crotty
Jeffrey Lipman
Matthew McKinney
John Norwood