Enroll for Premium Yard Waste Collection

Yard WasteSince December 2007, West Des Moines residents who use the City’s solid waste services have been able to sign up for Metro Waste Authority’s (MWA) Premium Yard Waste Collection Program. This program allows residents who wish to participate the opportunity to use a 96-gallon wheeled container for weekly collection of their yard waste. The carts have a Blackstone granite finish and hold the equivalent of three bags of yard and garden waste. This program is an alternative yard waste collection method and does not replace the current Compost It! program that utilizes the MWA Compost It! bags and stickers.

The Compost It! Premium service containers are for yard waste only. This includes grass clippings, leaves, branches, yard and garden trimmings, and brush. Containers are placed at the curb the same as trash containers and are collected weekly on your regular garbage collection day.

To Enroll

Residents may purchase their yard waste cart and sticker at the Public Works Facility at 560 S. 16th Street, WDM. 

The cost of the carts will be $80 if delivered to the residence or $60 if the resident elects to pick their cart up at the Public Works facility. Residents should call 222-3480 to arrange picking up their cart during Public Works’ normal working hours. When placing cart orders, residents will need to specify pickup or delivery.

To Order an Annual Sticker

As part of MWA’s Premium Yard Waste Collection Program, each cart is required to have a special MWA Premium Yard Waste Collection sticker affixed to it. This sticker is purchased annually and covers the collection costs associated with the program. Residents should purchase their stickers prior to each yard waste season. The 2020 Yard Waste Season runs from April 6th until November 28th. Keep in mind that a new sticker is required each year to initiate collection.

To order a MWA premium yard waste sticker, residents can:

  • Visit the MWA website at www.mwatoday.com and pay using a credit card;
  • Visit the West Des Moines Finance Dept. office at City Hall, Ste. 2B;
  • Download the Premium Yard Waste Order/Renewal Form and mail in a check; or
  • Visit the Public Works Facility at 560 S. 16th Street, WDM, to purchase your sticker and cart (if a new customer), pick up your cart at that time and you're ready to go!

 Call 222-3600 for more information about ordering your sticker.

If you have not used Premium Yard Waste in the past, and decide to enroll later in the year, your sticker cost will be prorated as follows:    

  • January - May            $ 105.00
  • June 1 - 30                 $   92.00
  • July - November         $   80.00    

      Highlights of the Premium Yard Waste Collection Program

      • Stickers must be obtained annually and placed on the designated area on the cart.
      • The program is an alternative to the current MWA Compost It! program.
      • Residents are not required to use the premium cart program.
      • The cart is the property of the resident.
      • The cart may only be used for yard waste disposal.
      • Yard waste carts will be collected on the resident’s regular solid waste collection day.
      • Yard waste cart collection dates will coincide with MWA’s Compost It! annual calendar.
      • Residents may have more than one premium yard waste cart.

      Bags Vs Cart