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Join the City in our crusade to increase West Des Moines’ tree diversity and urban tree canopy! High quality native trees (valued at approximately $60 to $120) are being made available to residents of West Des Moines through an exciting residential tree sale. The cost of the trees will be covered by a $30 fee paid by the resident with the remainder paid by the City. Due to City funding, all participants must be West Des Moines residents and must agree to plant the tree(s) on residential property within the City limits. There is a limit of up to 2 trees per household.


   Small tree variety
   Medium tree variety
   Large tree variety


Prairie Crab Apple SOLD OUT

Prairie Crab Apple was once commonly found throughout the Midwest prairies and savannas. Spectacular in bloom, deep pink flower buds open to white flowers. Their fruit is popular with a myriad of wildlife.

Mature Height: 20-30 ft
Mature Width: 20-30 ft

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In Iowa, the Redbud is a small tree or large shrub with coarse foliage and a spreading, open crown. It is found over most of the eastern half of the United States, and in Iowa it is found mostly in the eastern and southeastern section scattered through existing woodlands. The Redbud is used widely as an ornamental because of the rose-pink flowers which appear early in the spring along the branches before the leaves appear.

Mature Height: 20-30 ft
Mature Width: 25-35 ft

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Quaking Aspen SOLD OUT

Of all the native trees in North America, Quaking Aspen has the greatest distribution. It grows from northern Alaska to Labrador and south into Mexico. It thrives on a wide variety of sites, from shallow rocky or clay soils to rich, sandy soils. The best growth occurs on soils which are rich and porous, often where lime or limestone is present. In Iowa, Quaking Aspen is very common in eastern Iowa and found locally in southern and western Iowa along the major river valleys. Because of intensive competition from other species in Iowa, it is most common on dry, upland soils. 

Mature Height: 50-60 ft
Mature Width: varies by species

 quaking aspen

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White Pine 

Only five evergreens are native to Iowa. They are Eastern White Pine, Red Cedar, Balsam Fir, Common Juniper, and Yew. Evergreen or conifer trees differ from hardwoods or deciduous trees in that the leaves are needle like and the reproductive organs are born in cones instead of flowers.            

Mature Height: 50-80 ft
Mature Width: 40-50 ft


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Kentucky Coffeetree

Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus Dioicus) is a medium sized tree with very coarse, heavy, upright branches which give it a naked appearance in the winter months. Kentucky Coffeetree is not related to coffee shrubs, (although it was used as a substitute for coffee by early settlers) but is a legume like Honey Locust and Black Locust. 

Mature Height: 60-75 ft
Mature Width: 40-50 ft


Hackberry SOLD OUT

Hackberry is one of our most common trees in Iowa. Hackberry is a member of the Elm family but is a different genus. The name Hackberry originated from the Scottish "Hagberry", which in England was the common name Bird Cherry. 

Mature Height: 40-60 ft
Mature Width: 40-60 ft

 Hackberry Tree

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Black Maple

The Black Maple (Acer Nigrum) is found over most of Iowa, usually on low lands and moist slopes. It is very similar to the Sugar Maple and is often mistaken for it.

Mature Height: 80-100 ft
Mature Width: 40-60 ft

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Red Oak

Red Oak is a member of the broad Red Oak group (Black, Blackjack, Pin, Northern Pin and Shingle). This group is characterized by having bristles or points on the leaf lobes and acorns which mature in two growing seasons and sprout in the spring after maturity. 

Mature Height: 50-75 ft
Mature Width: 40-70 ft

 Red Oak tree

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Swamp White Oak SOLD OUT

Swamp White Oak is a member of the broad White Oak group (White, Bur, Chinkapin, Swamp White, and Post Oaks). This group is characterized by having rounded lobes on the leaves and acorns which mature in a single growing season and sprout soon after they fall in the autumn. 

Mature Height: 50-75 ft
Mature Width: 40-70 ft

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Sycamore Tree SOLD OUT

Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) (American Planetree, Buttonwood, American Sycamore, Button-ball Tree) is one of Iowa's largest trees; it attains diameters of 4-7 feet and heights of over 100 feet. It usually develops into a tree with a long, clear, strong central stem with spreading branches forming an open crown with somewhat sparse foliage. Its unusually large leaves, round seedballs, and mottled bark make it one of the easiest trees to identify.

Mature Height: 75-100+ ft
Mature Width: 75-100+ ft

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Rules for Participation:

1.  Select your tree(s) and make the online payment ($30 per tree) before April 27, 2020. The sooner you purchase your tree(s), the better your chance of receiving your tree(s) of choice.

2.  All Iowans are required by law to notify the Iowa One Call System at least 48 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) prior to engaging in any type of digging or excavating. Homeowners and private residents are not exempt from making this important notice. Contact Iowa One Call by dialing 811 or by going to to locate underground utilities on your property.  

3.  If you are wanting to plant your tree(s) in the right-of-way (the area between the sidewalk and the roadway), you must contact John Olds, City of West Des Moines' Urban Forestry Supervisor, at or at 515-222-3417 to receive approval prior to planting. Trees should not be planted over utility lines either within the public street right-of-way or the private utility lines connecting to your home. Examples of utility lines include cable television, electric, fiber optic, and telephone wires and gas, sewer, or water pipes.

4. NEW PICK UP INFORMATION: Due to COVID-19, WDM employees will now be DELIVERING your tree purchase to the West Des Moines address you have listed in the online questionnaire DURING THE WEEK OF MAY 4.


No warranty is provided. No refunds or replacements.

5.  Plant your tree(s) right away, and be sure to share your tree planting photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #wdmshadecrusade.