West Des Moines - Web Based and Mobile Phone

Solution Reporting Tools

What is YourGOV?                                                                            
Please note that the use of YourGOV is intended for the reporting of non-emergency issues only.  If you need immediate Police, EMS or Fire response, please call 911

YourGOV is an application that allows West Des Moines Citizens to report non-emergency related issues to the City.  YourGOV can be used via the Web or your mobile phone.  By using YourGOV, the Citizen will be able to submit an issue and track its progress from submittal to completion via the Web.

Issues are brought directly into the City’s Work Management solution where they can be forwarded on to the responsible department. By entering in an address or selecting a location on the map, the Citizen will be able to view where in West Des Moines their issue is located.

How does YourGOV work on the Web?
In order to use YourGOV, the end user will need Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in installed on their computer. Silverlight enhances interactivity wherever the Web works. This free download is available here.

To submit a request first type West Des Moines in Search for a location. Then click on the + icon, select the issue type from the dropdown menu and enter a brief description of the issue.