Parks Maintenance


Keeping our Parks Beautiful 

The Public Services Parks Maintenance Division oversees the maintenance aspects of City Parks including:

  • Mowing City property
  • Playground equipment maintenance
  • Horticultural duties, planting and taking care of planting beds
  • Park beautification
  • Maintenance of park restrooms, park shelters and other buildings with the Parks system
  • Trash collection in City parks
  • Trails
    • Mowing of adjacent City propertyWilson Park
    • Cleaning
    • Lighting of underpasses
  • Mowing grounds of public buildings
  • Snow removal
    • City parking lots
    • Sidewalks
    • Trails
  • Valley Junction
    • Planter boxes
    • Seasonal horticultural displays

 For information on visiting the City Parks, visit:

Parks & Recreation


WDM Public Services and Park & Recreation staff have been working on an exciting project at Raccoon River Park.  A canoe and kayak portage will connect Blue Heron Lake to the Raccoon River.  Canoes and kayaks will be able to utilize this passage as river access from Raccoon River Park, or vice versa. 

Blue Heron Lake And Raccoon River Access Preliminary Layouts