Crime Tips

This tip form is a completely confidential way to report criminal activity to the West Des Moines Police Department. This form is not intended for in-progress crimes. If you are currently witnessing a crime call 911 or the WestCom Dispatch Center at 515-222-3321. 

The information you provide can be for criminal activity that has already occurred or will occur in the future. 

Anything can be reported to us through this form. Examples of activities reported may include: illegal drug use, theft, assault, bullying, abuse, location of wanted persons, etc.

If you would like to be contacted for further follow up please fill in your contact information at the bottom of the page. YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IS NOT REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM! 

You may also call our phone tip line to leave a voice message at (515) 222-3399.

Please correct the field(s) marked in red below:

Type of criminal activity:

Where did the criminal activity occur or is continuing to occur?

Please be as specific as possible. If you know the street address and unit/apartment number please include it. 


 What is the date and time of the criminal activity to the best of your knowledge? 

Please let us know if it has already occurred, continues to occur or will occur in the future. 


How do you know this criminal activity was or will be committed?

Please tell us what you saw happen or what you have heard will happen. 


Can you describe the suspect(s)? Do you know their name(s)?

Please tell us what you know about them. If you can tell us their name, race, sex, height, weight, clothing, build, tattoos or other descriptive information. The more information the better!


Was or will there be a vehicle involved in the criminal activity?

Please tell us what you know about the vehicle such as license plate number, license state, color, make, model or other descriptions of the vehicle. The more information the better!

You can attach any pictures or documents to this form if you would like. 
The information you provided is ANONYMOUS and CONFIDENTIAL but if you would like for us to contact you please complete the following optional information. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR INFORMATION TO SUBMIT THIS FORM TO US!
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