ValleyViewPark1In 2000, a master plan for Valley View Park was completed for the 80 acres of land that was purchased the year before at 255 81st Street. This master plan included the construction of an aquatic center, soccer fields, baseball/softball practice fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, parking, and various other amenities.  The Valley View Aquatic Center was completed and opened in 2003, and a revised master plan was initiated in 2010. Construction on the parking lot began soon after, and soil restoration and reseeding of the open play area took place through the spring of 2012. Two lighted basketball courts were constructed in 2016, and two lighted tennis courts were finished in 2017. Most recently, two lighted volleyball courts, along with a restroom and shelter building, were completed in 2018.

We are excited to offer rental reservations on the three soccer fields, four softball/baseball fields, and cricket pitch. Below is a layout plan of the rentable fields. 

Valley View Sports Fields

Reservations will be taken starting the first business day of February each year.

Field Rental Options

Field Type

Rental Season


Cost to Rent*

Min Hours of Rental


Apr 1-Sept 1 7am-9pm $15 per hour  2 hours
Softball/Baseball Apr 1-Sept 1 7am-9pm $10 per hour  2 hours
Cricket Apr 1-Sept 1 7am-9pm $40 per hour

 2 hours

*The above rental fees are for individuals and non-profit organizations. For-profit organizations or businesses will pay two (2) times the above rates. The Department reserves the right to limit the number of reservations that can be made by for-profit organizations or businesses.


Field Reservation Policy

A. Rental time includes set-up, event, and clean-up. There are no refunds for cancellations, and a $10 change fee applies for changes to rentals. Renter must promptly leave the field(s) at the end of rental time. The field must be left in suitable condition for the next renter. Reservations impacted by inclement weather may contact the Administrative Office for rescheduling options within 3 business days of rental. Rescheduled dates must occur within the current calendar year. $10 change fee will still apply in cases of cancellation due to inclement weather. 

B. The Department reserves the right to consider certain events to be Special Events, which may require a permit(s) in addition to the field reservation.
*Any reservation that involves admission being charged or product being sold will automatically be considered a Special Event. 

C. A reservation only reserves field space. The City does not provide field lining, soccer goals, field preparations, or any other special services or equipment. No adjustments to the City’s mowing schedule or mowing methods will be made for a reservation.

D. Mowing or any other forms of maintenance are not allowed to be performed by the renter. Field lining may be done by the renter with approval by the Parks and Recreation Department prior to any materials being applied. No equipment will be allowed to remain on park property outside rental time.

E. The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to close the fields to allow for proper maintenance at any time during the playing season. If maintenance by the Department requires that previously made reservations be canceled, reservation fees will be refunded to the renter.

F. The Department reserves the right to assess additional post-rental charges to the renter for excessive wear and tear of field surface, damage to surrounding turf, parking lot, existing equipment, or other City property, or use of facilities (trash and portable toilets) that results in above normal maintenance, services, or repair.

Determination of Unacceptable Field Conditions:

In an effort to help reduce unnecessary and expensive repairs and maintenance, fields will be considered unplayable if any of the following conditions exist before or during a reservation:
1.  Visual ponding of water on the surface of the field.
2.  Water sponging up around your feet when walking on the field.
3.  Other non-favorable conditions that may be present that would damage the field.

If unacceptable field conditions are apparent to the renter prior to or at any time during a reservation, it is the renter’s responsibility to stop play immediately and clear the field(s).