Heartbeat of the Heartland Sunset

Heartbeat of the Heartland

Created by Zach Bowman; Ankeny, IA

Heartbeat of the Heartland Wide Shot


“It’s important to find something you’re passionate about. Growing up in rural Iowa, I am passionate about where I was born and raised. This sculpture is my way of expressing that passion. ‘Heartbeat of the Heartland’s’ lace-like pattern portrays Iowa as a central hub for food resources.” 

Heartbeat of the Heartland was one of ten sculptures featured in the 2018 Art on the Campus exhibit. Upon completion of the exhibit, the Public Arts Advisory Commission purchased Heartbeat of the Heartland and it became the fourth acquisition in the West Des Moines public art permanent collection.  Heartbeat of the Heartland is located in Ashawa Park (4431 Waterford Drive).