The VISION of the City of West Des Moines Public Art Program is the creation of a diverse collection of public works of art of high aesthetic and intellectual quality and excellence, and a program that promotes cultural expression and artistic appreciation. At the heart of the aspiration for public art in West Des Moines is the wish for an authentic, rich a diverse arts culture that is seen and understood as uniquely arising from the community – an arts culture that benefits and enriches all those who are fortunate enough to live, work, and visit in West Des Moines.

The MISSION of the West Des Moines Public Art Program is to create a city with successful public spaces incorporating public works of art that offer moments of serendipity and opportunities for reflection – a city with public art woven into the fine grain detail of the public infrastructure. The Public Art Program should champion excellence in art, design, architecture, and landscape. The Public Art Program and Collection should be the most visible symbols of West Des Moines’ commitment to creativity, encouraging diversity of ideas and expression, and promoting tolerance of multiple opinions. A creative city provides humane environments for its residents, business communities, and visitors, extending opportunities for life-long learning and helps preserve community histories.

GOALS, 2015-2020
The Public Art Program and Collection of the City of West Des Moines will strive to align public art with community interests. Topical areas of interest, as defined by the community, will be expressed and responded to in the public art program. The Public Art Program will include permanent acquisition and placement of public art, as well as temporary exhibitions of public art, and diverse educational programs investigating community interests as expressed in the Public Art Program.

The primary goals of the Public Art Program and Collection are to develop an aesthetically interesting environment, to integrate public works of art into public spaces and to promote tourism and economic vitality of West Des Moines through the enhancement of public spaces.

Specifically, the City seeks to develop a Public Art Program and Collection that:

1. Creates a collection of public works of art that reflects a unique municipal aesthetic vision.

2. Reflects West Des Moines’ diverse history, citizenry and natural beauty.

3. Promotes the integration of public art with the community, architecture and landscape of the City of West Des Moines.

4. Enables significant, professionally accomplished, local and regional artists to create in the public sector, while also involving public artists with national or international reputations.

5. Advances imaginative design as a component of the city’s community development goals.

6. Involves the community directly through participation in the public art processes (acquisition, care, education) and through community engagement.

7. Fosters innovation and promotes artistic excellence.

8. Strengthens community identity and pride.

Current Public Arts Advisory Commission Members