Jordan Creek Trail

When you are using the trails please keep the following West Des Moines Trail Ethics in mind:

  • Plan ahead - Know your equipment, your ability and the area.
  • Stay on the trail - Respect trail and road closures.  Do not trespass on private land.
  • Always yield trail - Travel on the right and pass on the left.  Make your approach known well in advance.  A friendly greeting or a bell works well.
  • Safety first - Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.
  • Never spook animals - Give animals extra room and time to adjust to you. 
  • Rest off the trail - Get completely off the trail to stop and rest or check equipment.
  • Leave no trace - If you pack it in, pack it out.  Please use trash barrels provided along the trail.
  • Control pets at all times - Use a leash not more than 10' long.  Please remove any droppings your pet may leave.
  • Leave what you find - Treat our natural areas with respect.  Leave trees, plants, rocks, nests and historical artifacts as you find them. 
  • Let nature's sound prevail - keep loud voices and noises to a minimum.
  • Be visable - At night wear white or reflective clothes, bikes should have lights and reflectors on front and rear as well as the wheel spokes. 

Do your part to promote environmentally sound, safe and socially responsible use of the West Des Moines Trails.