Huston Cemetery in roadHuston Cemetery is a historical cemetery located at the intersection of 88th Street and Mills Civic Parkway. The tiny burial plot is named for James B. Huston, who arrived in Iowa about 1847. The Huston family was one of the first to settle in Dallas County, and James B. Huston was the first Dallas County attorney. The family home served as a stage coach station, tavern and post office and is still standing nearby. It was also a stop on the Underground Railroad. According to Geraldine Wilson, Huston’s great-great-granddaughter, the first two people buried in Huston Cemetery were former slave girls with the last name of Harper who died on their way to freedom. The cemetery also includes the graves of several Huston family members. James B. Huston, who died in 1889, is believed to be the last person buried in Huston Cemetery. He rests next to his wife, Nancy Hill Huston, and six of their children.

With development occurring on all sides of the cemetery, it will eventually no longer be in the middle of the road. It will instead be located on the southwest corner of the intersection with roads being reconstructed to the east and north of it. At the time this happens, the City has plans to restore Huston Cemetery by reconstructing the decorative metal fence that originally surrounded it.