Jamie Hurd Amphitheater Rental Fees

For-Profit / Ticketed Non-Profit Private  K-12 School Weekday Discount
Dates of Operation Apr 15-Nov 15 Apr 15-Nov 15 Apr 15-Nov 15 Apr 15-Nov 15 Apr 15-Nov 15
Days of Operation Su-Sa Su-Sa Su-Sa M-Th  M-Th
Hours of Operation 7am-10pm 7am-10pm 7am-10pm 7am-10pm 7am-4pm
Minimum Hours 10 4 4 2 4
Fee per Hour $200/hour $100/hour $100/hour *$80/hour 20% off total hourly rental amount
Green Room/Off Stage Storage Rental  $25/hour
Cleaning Fee  $50
Tent/Canopy Permit  $50
Sound Permit  $22
Portable Toilet Facilities  $50/each
Special Event Permit  $225
Food/Retail Vendor Fee   $50/each

The Jamie Hurd Amphitheater is able to be reserved a year out from the current month. (Booking starts on the first business day of each month.)