The City of West Des Moines is partnering with Municipal Collections of America (MCA) to assist in collecting delinquent fines and debt such as parking tickets, building code violations, local ordinance infractions, EMS billings (ambulance bills) and other miscellaneous debts.

Municipal Collections of America
3348 Ridge Road
Lansing, IL 60438
Toll Free (877) 751-7115 or (708) 455-4046

Delinquent invoices turned over to MCA may also be provided to the state of Iowa’s Income Offset Program, which diverts state payments, such as tax refunds, from individuals who owe money to the state or other state agencies such as a city or county.

In addition, as prescribed by City Code, a percentage-based surcharge may be added to the outstanding invoice total in order to recover costs associated with collection.

If you have questions or concerns about your experience with MCA, please email the City of West Des Moines at and we will research the call and conduct a client experience assessment. Please include in your email a brief description of your issue as well as your name, phone number, the phone number used to contact MCA (if different), citation number, and the date you talked with MCA.