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City Officials

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Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

Budget Summary

Financial Policies

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General Fund

FY 2008-09 Budget

Revenue Summary

Expenditure Summary

Community Enrichment

Parks and Recreation


Human Services

Public Safety

Emergency Medical Services




Public Services

Community and Economic Development

Development Services

Public Works

Support Services

Mayor and City Council

City Manager's Office


Administrative Services

Risk Management

Development and Promotion


City Contingency

Special Revenue

Description of Funds

FY 2008-09 Budget

Road Use Tax

Rehabilitation/Economic Development

Employee Benefits

Tax Increment Financing

Police and Fire Retirement

Park Trust

Library Trust

Police Trust

Human Services Trust

Emergency Medical Services Trust

Debt Service

Description of Funds

FY 2008-09 Budget

Composition of Debt Service Levy

FY 2008-09 General Obligation Bonds Outstanding

Future Debt Service Based upon Existing Debt

 Capital Projects

Description of CIP Program

FY 2008-09 Budget

CIP Program Detail


Description of Funds

FY 2008-09 Budget

Sanitary Sewer

Solid Waste

Storm Water Utility

Vehicle Replacement

Health Insurance

Vehicle and Building Maintenance

Other Information

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