Budgeting for Growth

City Manager Meeting
The Finance Department provides both external and internal services for the City of West Des Moines. The department handles numerous inquiries from the public providing general information and referrals to the appropriate individuals for specific questions.

Specific functions of this small department include Finance and risk management.

Finance Information

The Finance division is responsible for the accurate and timely recording of all financial transactions of the city and safeguarding the City's assets. This department processes accounts payable, payroll, propertyAward 2 tax and special assessments receipts, grant funds, bond proceeds, payment of principal and interest on the City's debt, maintaining detailed records of all the City's assets, and numerous other accounting transactions. The financial reports generated enable the City to make educated decisions regarding cash management, maximizing the investment of idle funds, debt management, and monitor the City's budget and financial position. Each year an independent CPA firm audits the City's financial statements.

For the past twenty-six fiscal years, the City of West Des Moines has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and legal requirements.

A very important aspect of financial management is the coordination of the budget process. It is essential that the budget documents provide a clear picture of the City's financial position, goals and objectiveAward 1s of the City, and the cash requirements necessary to provide these services to the citizens of West Des Moines. This information, which is put together in the City's Budget Book, is necessary for management and elected officials to make well informed decisions regarding the allocation of the City's financial resources while maintaining a stable financial position. For the past twenty-one years the City of West Des Moines has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, presented by the Government Finance Officers Association.