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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How do I request stop sign(s) be installed at an intersection?

  • How much would it cost if the City performed the repair work?

  • Why, and how, is this being done?

  • Why am I receiving two (2) mailings, one certified and one regular mail, for this project?

  • When could work start on the project or on my property in particular?

  • How, and when, will I be billed for this work?

  • What interest rate would be charged?

  • What happens if I sell my property either before or after I receive the final bill for this project?

  • What number should I call to obtain a list of other property owners in the area who require sidewalk repair?

  • Where can I get a copy of the West Des Moines Development Guide?

  • Why must I pay for sidewalks?

  • Are there advantages to getting my own contractor for the sidewalk program?

  • Do I need a permit to do work on my sidewalk?

  • Will the City remove a street tree that is damaging my sidewalk?

  • Can I use sack Crete or mix my own concrete for sidewalk replacement?

  • What is the thickness of the sidewalk supposed to be?”

  • Can I use caulking or sealant to repair sidewalk cracks?

  • Can I use patching material to repair spawled areas (Type E)?

  • Can I mud jack or raise (Type A) or (Type C) sidewalk repairs?

  • Who is responsible for repairing my damaged irrigation system?

  • I received notice that my sidewalk needs repaired or replaced. What is required?

  • How can I tell if a property is in the floodplain?

  • How close to the property line can I put an addition to my house?

  • How big of a garage can I build?