As the City of West Des Moines’ engineering authority, the City Engineer is responsible for the planning, budgeting, and management of all public improvement projects. The City Engineer is also responsible for ensuring that public improvement projects are constructed in accordance with State laws and accepted engineering standards while minimizing risk to the public as a result of these improvements and that the public's resources are managed responsibly.

Under the direction of the City Engineer, the Engineering Services Department is structured as follows:

  Capital Improvements

  • Design - Provide engineering design services for internal City Departments and provide management of capital improvement projects.
  • Construction - Provide construction contract administration and construction field services for public improvements and subdivision work.
  • Acquisition - Support City projects and programs requiring the purchase or disposition of real estate.


  • Sanitary Sewer - Provide systematic construction, reconstruction, and repair programs for sanitary sewer infrastructure. Administer the City’s sewer construction permitting program.
  • Stormwater - Provide systematic construction, reconstruction, and repair programs for stormwater infrastructure. Administer the City’s MS4 Permit.


  • Development Review - Perform plan reviews for all public improvement and subdivision projects.
  • Right-of-Way Management - Coordinate placement of private utilities, streetlights, driveways, encroachments, sidewalks, and trails in street right-of-ways.

  Traffic & GIS

  • Transportation Planning - Provide long range transportation planning to support capital improvement planning and design. Provide traffic studies and analysis for public and private improvements.
  • Traffic Operations - Assist with implementation of traffic operations.
  • GIS/Mapping - Provide support for engineering project design preparation, maintain GIS and mapping data, fulfill mapping and data requests, and provide computer systems support.

  Facility Management

  • Public Facilities - Provide systematic construction, reconstruction, and repair programs for City Facilities.


Services by Request

  • Wye Locates (Sanitary and Stormwater) contact