Craig Leu - Interim EMS Chief

Date of Hire:  July 2015

Hometown: West Des Moines, IA

Duties and Responsibilities as EMS Chief:

  • Overall department responsibility
  • Oversees WDM EMS and the Iowa EMS Alliance
  • Reports to the City Council and the City Manager
  • Oversees billing service
  • Responsible for financial management of WDM EMS


  • Associates Degree - Butler Community College, 2000
  • Bachelor of General Studies - Fort Hays State University, 2003
  • Master of Science in Leadership with an Emphasis in Disaster Preparedness and Executive Fire Leadership - Grand Canyon University, 2011

David Edgar  

Dave Edgar - Assistant Chief of EMS

Date of Hire: June 1986

Certification: Paramedic/CCP

Education: Des Moines University

Hometown: Ottumwa, IA

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for overall department operations
  • Responsible for three division chiefs who manage day-to-day operations
  • Represents EMS department on city committees
  • Attends metro-wide EMS meetings
  • Functions as department representative
  • Coordinates EMS coverage at certain events
  • EMS command at major incidents

Rob Dehnert 

Rob Dehnert - Assistant Chief of Logistics and EMS

Date of Hire: July 2002

Certification: Paramedic/CCP

Education: University of Iowa and Camden County College

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, IA

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for Department of Emergency Medical and Communications Services logistics
  • Manages EMS billing group
  • Liaison to numerous city and regional committees
  • Responsible for all department technology
  • Responsible for Management Information Systems

Mark McCulloch 

Mark McCulloch - Deputy Chief of Training

Date of Hire: September 2004

Certification: Paramedic/CCP

Education: University of Iowa, South Dakota State University, Simpson College

Hometown: Spirit Lake, IA

Duties and Responsibilties:

  • Responsible for department QA/QI
  • Coordinates internal training programs
  • Training Center Coordinator for AHA
  • Coordinates public education and public relations events
  • Assures compliance with protocols and state regulations
  • Coordinates Public Access Defibrillation program
  • Works with medical directors and policy committee to ensure our protocols and medical treatment are current

Pat Waldorf

Pat Waldorf - Green Shift Division Chief

Date of Hire: January 1992

Paramedic Specialist/CCP  

Mercy College

Mitchellville, IA

Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas - Red Shift Division Chief

Date of Hire: April 2003

Certification: Paramedic/CCP 

Education: United States Army

Hometown: Washburn, ND

Doug Harms

Doug Harms - Blue Shift Division Chief             

Date of Hire: February 2011

Paramedic Specialist/CCP

Paramedic - Mary Greeley Medical Center

Associates in Allied Health Science - Community College of the Air Force

Bachelors of Public Administration - Upper Iowa University

Algona, IA

Dr. Chad Torstenson, MD

Dr. Chad Torstenson, MD - Medical Director for 911 Operations

Date of Hire: August 2009

Dr. Cory Vaudt, DO - Medical Director for Hospital Operations

Date of Hire: August 2009

Lori Gordon

Lori Gordon - Billing Specialist

Date of Hire: March 2002

Janessa Bell - Billing Clerk

Date of Hire: October 2012

Emily Ricke

Emily Sellner - Adminstrative Secretary

Date of Hire: March 2009

Vicki Steward


Vicki Steward - CPR Coordinator

Date of Hire: January 2011