WDM EMS/IA EMS Alliance provides their employees with most of the training that the need to maintain their certifications in-house.

There are:

 - three-day trainings (3DT) (three-day to ensure all three shifts make it to the training) several times a year.

- NREMT trainings every month to give our employees the opportunity to get all of their recertification hours in house.

 - annual skills verification (based on certification level).

 - BLS/CPR, ACLS, and PALS classes offered every other month.

 - annual CEVO recertification.

 - evening trainings several times a year.

 - Monday night case reviews several times a year.

 - other training opportunities offered include: NRP, PHTLS, CCP refresher.

Recent training opportunities have included:

February NREMT training - airway and ventilation - February 21st

February 3DT - EMS research, pediatric cardiac arrest, pediatric transport, medication delivery - February 14-16th

January NREMT - medication administration, pain management and research - January 17th

ACLS Refresher - January 11th

BLS Refresher - January 10th

January Case Studies - January 4th, 18th, 25th

December NREMT - mental health, cardiac arrest, and ECMO

November NREMT - Crew Resource Management in Critical Care Transports, Affective Characteristics, and safety

    We also perform peer audits of both emergency calls and interfacility transports. WDMEMS/IA EMS Alliance has an Audit Committee, consisting of several medics that work 911 ambulances, hospital ambulances, or a combination of both. Any reports that a audit committee member feels needs to be reviewed further can be sent on to the deputy chief of training or the medical director(s). Reports are also sent to the deputy chief of training from the audit committee to be included in Monday night case reviews if appropriate. The audit process is very easy with our Zoll TabletPCR software.