The first pediatric ambulance was an International truck with a specially-designed box. This truck was purchased in 2009 by the Unity Point-Des Moines, along with donations from Variety Club Childrens' Charities of Iowa, R&R Realty, the City of West Des Moines, the Iowa Clinic, and the West Des Moines EMS Association. This state-of-the-art ambulance carries specialized equipment for neonatal and pediatric transports. These transports occur with the collaboration of WDMEMS/IA EMS Alliance personnel along with neonatal and pediatric nurses from Blank Children's Hospital and Iowa Lutheran Hospital.

Front of Peds truck

Side of Peds truck

Back of peds truck

    One of the more unique qualities of this ambulance is its ability to transport more than one patient at a time. The box of this ambulance is designed to hold two stretchers. Therefore, it is able to transport a mom and a newborn baby in an isolette, newborn twins in isolettes, or two children easily!

Inside of back of 577

Inside of side of 577

    The cab is also designed to hold three people, in addition to the driver, to allow the family members of the patient to be in close proximity to the patient during the transfer.

    This pediatric ambulance was retired in March of 2014.