In fall 2016, WDM EMS/IA EMS Alliance outfitted nearly all of the trucks in the fleet with the Stryker PowerLoad cot system. Every truck that is ordered after fall 2016 will also be outfitted with the system. The PowerLoad system eliminates the need for the crew members to lift the cot into the ambulance. Besides reducing the work load on the personnel loading the cot, the PowerLoad system also eliminates the possibility that the cot (and the patient) are dropped in the loading or unloading process because of the way it secures the cot.

In addition to holding the cot securely while loading and unloading, when the cot is locked into place inside the ambulance, the system, conforms to SAE J3027 standards for accidents and rollovers.

The maximum weight capacity that the system can hold (not including the cot) is 700 lbs.

The system also charges the cot battery while the cot is attached to the system, reducing or eliminating the possibility of having a low or dead battery while on a call.





For more information, visit the Stryker PowerLoad website here.