Every WDM EMS and IA EMS Alliance ambulance will have Mac Lifts installed in an effort to reduce strain on and injuries for personnel when loading/unloading patients and isolettes from the ambulances. The Mac Lift stows away underneath the ambulance and replaces part of the back bumper (the part that lifts to easily remove the cot).

    There are four different weight categories for Mac Lifts. IA EMS Alliance/WDM EMS elected to purchase the bariatric Mac Lift with a 1300 lb. capacity. This lift will fit both our Stryker cots, our bariatric Stryker cot, and the isolette that the IA EMS Alliance uses for neonatal and pediatric transports.

The Mac Lift system is more compact than the bariatric winch and ramps system that the IA EMS Alliance was using to transport bariatric patients. It is also easier set up and break down for the personnel. The Mac Lift system sets up in 60 seconds.

    All of the controls for the powered system are located on the back of the ambulance near the bumper (you can see the two small black buttons underneath the driver's side brake and turn signal lights in the pictures). There is a manual override for the system, located in the back passenger side compartment that can be used, in the event of a power loss, to remove the patient from the ambulance.

Mac Lift 1 

View of the Mac Lift, folded and stored.

Mac Lift 2

The Mac Lift, fully extended, in the highest position.

Mac Lift 3

The Mac Lift, fully extended, in the lowest position.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website at: Mac Lift.