Acquired by the Iowa EMS Alliance in summer 2013, the HT70 Plus ventilators are the newest version of the ventilators available from the Coviden/Newport company. These are the newer version of the ventilator being used by the Unity Point Health System - Des Moines/West Des Moines. These ventilators can be used in the hospital, home, and transport settings. The ventilators can be programmed to one of these three settings. These ventilators have the ability to ventilate patients that weigh more than 5 kg. The ventilators can also perform both noninvasive and invasive ventilation.

The ventilator can operate in SIMV, A/CMV, or spontaneous mode.

The ability to program presets for adults, pediatrics, and infants increases the ease of use of this ventilator.

It also features a hot-swappable battery. The external batteries can ventilate a patient for up to 10 hours. The ventilator is also able to function while plugged into AC power to save the battery. When the external battery is removed, the ventilator will still function for up to 30 minutes on an internal battery. An added function on the ventilator is the "Battery Time Estimator" - an ability to display the battery life on the main screen of the ventilator.

The ventilator also has a function that allows it to calculate the amount of time it can run on the oxygen source that it is attached to (D cylinder, M cylinder, etc).

Another feature of the ventilator is the on-airway flow sensor, which provides more information to the user about inspiratory and expiratory monitoring, alarms, flow and pressure triggers.


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website at: Coviden Newport HT 70 ventilator.