West Des Moines is a rapidly developing community with many choices for working, dining, shopping, and living. The City offers employment opportunities from industrial, commercial to office; housing options from apartments to upscale town homes; and amenities such as historic areas, golf courses, recreational trails, and parks. The City also boasts a host of entertainment choices, including dining, shopping, recreation, and cultural activities. West Des Moines schools consistently are cited by residents as a top consideration when choosing to live here.

West Des Moines has benefited from about two decades of unprecedented development based, in part, on its location at the convergence of two transcontinental interstate highways and a direct expressway to the center of the metropolitan area. That location, along with good planning practices directed at attracting quality development, has fostered a Class-A office corridor on the City's northern edge and the quality residential and commercial development that typically supports such development.

Rapid development brings many changes and difficult choices. The City faces the challenge of balancing the benefits of development with the costs it generates and its impact on the character of the community. This is all part of the long-range planning process encompassed by the City's Comprehensive Plan