The Balanced Scorecard is a performance management system used to translate strategy into tangible objectives and measures. It is an integrated system that links long term objectives with short-term actions, senior management with front-line employees, and organizational vision with organizational activities. By using four perspectives—Serve Customers, Manage Financial Resources, Improve Processes, and Support Employees—a balanced approach is used to evaluate organizational strategy.

Strategy Map

City of West Des Moines employees met several times in order to formulate a citywide strategy that would serve as the basis for the Balanced Scorecard. The interdepartmental team developed the following strategic themes they felt would effectively guide resource allocation and departmental programs. After developing the themes, the group began the deliberate development of objectives for the City, as depicted in the strategies in the Strategy Map.

Definitions of Strategic Themes

1. PLANNING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: planning for growth, land use, and annexations

2. COLLABORATION: working with outside agencies to achieve mutual benefits

3. SUSTAINABILITY: the ability to maintain what we have now and to deliver services at the same or increased levels in the future including infrastructure and services

4. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: the management of human and financial resources along with infrastructure like water mains, roads, sewers, storm water, and others

5. COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT: facilities and services that enhance quality of life, including those provided by the City’s library, parks, and human services departments

6. COMMUNITY SAFETY: including safe drinking water, street maintenance, playground equipment, and building code enforcement in addition to emergency services provided by police, fire, and EMS.

Strategy MapThe Strategy Map is only the visual representation of the Citywide Balanced Scorecard. Behind this strategy map is a set of 24 measurements that provide data or factual information needed to discern if the strategy is on track. These measures include Serve Customers, Manage Financial Resources, Improve Processes, and Support Employees. To see the Strategy Map and the measures currently tracked under each strategy, view the City’s Balanced Scorecard Strategic Plan Brochure