City of West Des Moines Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve the people of West Des Moines honestly and effectively. Through a variety of services, we strive to provide the quality of life desired by the community.

City of West Des Moines Commitment Statement:

The members of our City organization insist that services are provided with the highest level of respect, responsiveness and honesty to the people of West Des Moines.

Our Value Statement:

We, the employees of the City of West Des Moines, through TEAMWORK and COOPERATION, are COMMITTED to provide the highest QUALITY OF SERVICE with HONESTY and INTEGRITY to the community we serve. We take pride in providing EFFECTIVE, DEPENDABLE services while striving to achieve EXCELLENCE through VISION and INNOVATION.  

Improving Our Organization:

The City of West Des Moines maintains three citywide programs that work together to support and educate employees and enhance city processes. The City’s management team places a strong emphasis on using resources provided through these programs to improve city operations and service delivery, track our progress, and obtain measurable results.

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Balanced Scorecard

 Leadership Development

Quality Initiative