Effective March 28, 2016, Code Enforcement will be called Community Compliance, and the responsibility for the enforcement of nuisance codes will move from the Police Department to the Public Works Department.

The following list identifies common code enforcement requests:

  1. Junk cars (inoperable, not properly licensed, parts missing, etc.) on private property.
  2. Auto parts stored outside on private property.
  3. Vehicles and trailers parked on unpaved surfaces.
  4. Junk and debris in the yard.
  5. Weeds and/or grass growing to a height of 10" or more.  (Typically, a 72 hour notice will be given.)
  6. Snow and ice removal from sidewalks. (24 hours after snow has ceased, a 24-hour notice will be given.)

If you have a request, please contact 222-3480 during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Alternately, you can report any possible violations by clicking the Report Violation icon:


Please note that first we will investigate to determine if there is truly a violation that we can enforce. Second, we will contact the property owner by mail to notify them of the violation. Third, in most circumstances, we provide the property owner 7 to 10 days to correct the violation.