CODE 411

Code 411: The West Des Moines Police department developed a youth education program tailored to our community and the problems that our youth may face and began Code 411 in 2003. The focus areas of this program are substance abuse prevention, social media safety, consequences of criminal acts and familiarization with police department personnel. 

In 2008 the program was implemented in all 12 elementary schools within the city limits of West Des Moines to include West Des Moines Community School District, Waukee School District, and parochial schools. This program reaches over 1,000 students each school year with 8 interactive learning sessions. 

Today this program is also delivered to schools in Clive, Windsor Heights, and Johnston by their respective police departments. 


Planet 7

Planet 7: Planet 7 is a five day summer program for students about to enter 7th grade at Stillwell or Indian Hills Junior High schools. This program was implemented by the West Des Moines Police Department in 1994. The program includes peer pressure prevention tips, socializing games to meet students from other elementary schools, time management and study skills, COLORS personal inventory assessment and community service projects. Additionally, students attend field trips to a bowling alley, swimming pool, Adventure Learning Center team building training and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.  

Registration for Planet 7 can be found on the West Des Moines Parks and Recreation website. 

Safety town


Safety Town: This program was created by the West Des Moines Police Department in 1977 for children who are about to begin kindergarten.

Safety Town is an educational program introducing safety awareness and preventative practices to young children. Some of the topics covered include safety around strangers, fire, water, buses, traffic and poison.

Children have an opportunity to learn through experiences in the Safety Town village, a field trip to the police and fire departments and various classroom activities. 

Registration for this program is conducted through  the Community Education Department of the West Des Moines Community School District.