The West Des Moines Police Department will strive with the community to preserve peace, differentiate its enforcement of law through exemplary performance and lead with equitable professionalism to reflect the high expectations of the citizens we serve. 

The West Des Moines Police Department is comprised of the Chief's Office and two divisions with sworn officers, civilian personnel, part-time employees, interns and volunteers.

The Chief's Office  This office is staffed by the chief of police and the chief’s administrative secretary. The duties and responsibilities carried out by this office are; budget coordination and tracking, internal affairs, departmental communication, payroll and personnel records, strategic planning, grant administration, and the tracking and analysis of police related activities.

Patrol Division is under the direction of one captain, two lieutenants and four sergeants who are responsible for the Uniform Patrol Unit and Special Operations Unit. The Uniform Patrol Unit currently has five patrol territories, as well as additional officers who act as rovers to ensure effective coverage for the City and to provide back-up for the territory cars.  This division also handles Community Education/Outreach Unit (CEO), Reserve Officers and crossing guards.  The CEO has two officers assigned to work with the businesses,  multi-family housing communities, schools and residents to help reduce criminal activity and increase safety.

Support Services Division is made up of officers and civilian personnel. This division carries out tasks to support the mission of the other division and the entire department. Support Services has primary responsibility for the Criminal Investigations Unit,  Citizen Police Academy, recruitment, hiring , crime analysis, technical support, records management, CALEA,  media relations, training, property and evidence and management of the law enforcement building and jail facility.  The Criminal Investigation Unit is comprised of ten detectives and one part-time civilian investigator.   

Non-Emergency, General Information (515) 222-3320
Non-Emergency, Dispatch (515) 222-3321


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