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West Side Stories Host: Allison Ullestad

Allison is the City of West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department Arts, allison profile picCulture, and Enrichment/Facility Supervisor. From 2008-2019, Allison served as a Recreation Coordinator for the WestDes Moines Parks and Recreation Department, focusing on youth, family, and art programming. Prior to being a Recreation Coordinator, Allison managed the West Des Moines Teen Center and was a Recreation Assistant for the department. Allison has her BA in K-12 Physical Education. She was a volleyball and basketball coach and taught at-risk students in DeWitt, Iowa, for two years. She has also had her own piano studio and still teaches a few students each week. Allison manages the Parks and Recreation Department's social media accounts and enjoys dabbling in graphic design. Allison lives in West Des Moines with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

Episode List

 Title  Date   Length    Guests
City Campus Culture   September 2, 2019  0:31:52   Jodie Weeks (Program/Facility Supervisor)
Kevin Conn (Landscape Architect) 
Building a Boathouse   August 1, 2019  0:25:23   Jodie Weeks (Program/Facility Supervisor)
Sally Ortgies (Dept. Dir.)
Ryan Penning (Recreation Supt.)
Concerning Interning   July 1, 2019  0:32:25   Erik Culp (Parks Division Intern)
Sadie Schoenfelder (Recreation Division Intern)
Anderson Goncalves (Public Arts Intern)
Diving Into Aquatics: Part 2  June 15, 2019  0:24:40   Mark Brewick (Program/Facility Supervisor)
Trevor Hoth (Recreation Coordinator)
Diving Into Aquatics: Part 1  June 1, 2019   0:28:30  

Mark Brewick (Program/Facility Supervisor)
Trevor Hoth (Recreation Coordinator)

Biking in West Des Moines  May 1, 2019   0:31:02   Marco Alvarez (Park Planner)
Sally Ortgies (Dept. Dir.)
Ryan Penning (Recreation Supt.)
Public Art in West Des Moines  April 1, 2019  0:33:42   Ryan Crane (Public Arts Advisory Commission Chair)
Sally Ortgies (Dept. Dir.)
 How Programs Are Planned  March 1, 2019  0:25:17  

Melanie Perry (Naturalist)
Kevin Fitzgerald (Recreation Coordinator)

 How Parks Are Planned  February 1, 2019  0:30:49  

Marco Alvarez (Park Planner)
Kevin Conn (Landscape Architect)

 Parks and Rec in Real Life  January 4, 2019  0:38:07  

Sally Ortgies (Dept. Dir.)
Ryan Penning (Recreation Supt.)
David Sadler (Parks Supt.)


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