An Emergency Snow Parking Ban is in effect for West Des Moines from 8:00 a.m. on Friday, January 17, to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 18, 2020. 

The Emergency Parking Ban applies to all streets in West Des Moines. During an Emergency Parking Ban, vehicles are subject to a $50 fine and/or towing.

DSCF2232Raccoon River Park Prairie

 Location:  East side of Raccoon River Park (2500 Grand Ave.) adjacent to the Dog Park

Approximately three acres of native tallgrass prairie was planted in 1994 in conjunction with a large volunteer project involving youth from the Church of the Nazarene. This has been managed over the years through both mowing and prescribed burns and is a good restoration example.




Southwoods Park Prairie PlantingDSCF4117

Location:  Southwoods Park, 350 S. 35th Street

A donation from the family of Rocky Rothchild through the WestParks Foundation was used to plant approximately one acre of high quality prairie in Southwoods Park near the entrance to the Rothchild Nature Trail in 1998. The slopes around the parking area in Southwoods Park were also planted in prairie grasses and forbs.  Both areas are now regularly maintained through prescribed burns, and the number and quality of species is increasing.


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Southwoods Park Native Prairie Improvement Project

Location:  Southwoods Park, 350 S. 35th Street

A fairly small remnant of a rare native plant community, savanna prairie, exists on a south-facing slope in Southwoods Park. Dan George, Grounds Maintenance Specialist for the City of West Des Moines, was the first employee to attend the “Restoring Native Plant Communities” course through Des Moines Area Community College in 2004. He used this prairie in his final report and made recommendations for improvement that are now being carried out.


Jordan Creek Greenway Native Prairie Restoration

Location:  Northeast corner of Prairie View Drive & E.P. True Parkway

Brian Fowler, Parks Maintenance Supervisor, and Mark Smith, Grounds Maintenance Specialist for the City of West Des Moines, attended the “Restoring Native Plant Communities” course in 2005. A restoration of native prairie was done in this location as a part of recommendations made by Mark Smith in his final report. This is an excellent example of a prairie restoration.