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"Surrounds" Coming this Fall

The Votes Have Been Tallied!

This fall some very special animals will be making the Jordan Creek Trail in West Des Moines their home! The City of West Des Moines and artists, Aris Georgiades and Gail Simpson of Actual Size Artworks, asked you to vote on your favorite animals to be represented in sculptures to be installed in five locations along Jordan Creek Trail. The animal candidates were all native to the area and were the squirrel, crow, hawk, fox, rabbit, bobcat, woodchuck, beaver, duck, owl, skunk, opossum, and raccoon.

The 350+ votes were tallied and the top 5 animals were chosen.  The artists also chose to add one more for their "artists' choice" category.  Click on the video below to see which animals will find a home in the Art on the Trail sculptures this fall.  Stay tuned for more information regarding how you can help name the animals!

A visit to the Jordan Creek Trail, running through the City of West Des Moines, places us right in the junction of the natural and human-made worlds. Each visit to the trail might offer a glimpse of an animal in its habitat, looking back at us in ours. With this artwork it’s our goal to express the potential of the trail to offer this rich experience, and to beckon people to venture into this piece of wilderness in their own community. Please join us in this creative process during the project by voting on your five favorite animals to inhabit Art on the Trail.    – Aris Georgiades and Gail Simpson


map and picture location 1      map and picture location 2

map and picture location 3      map and picture location 4

map and picture location 5


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