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Art on the Campus Exhibit

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(This flipbook contains active links. Simply pan over each page to find the links that will take you to artists' websites, external organization websites, etc.)


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The FREE Otocast app is your personal tour guide for the Art on the Campus exhibit. Explore the exhibit with the voices of individual artists leading the way. Look for Otocast in your app store on your phone or mobile device, and use it at destination attractions all over the world.

  1. Explore the Art on the Campus exhibit at your own pace, in your own time
  2. Scroll through the guide to help plan your visit
  3. Read about art pieces before you get to the exhibit
  4. Look at Art on the Campus photos and share with friends
  5. Listen to custom artist narratives that provide fun and engaging information


Bravo2016The 2018 Art on the Campus temporary exhibit, People’s Choice Award, and Grand Opening event are partially funded by a Local Arts Program Grant from BRAVO Greater Des Moines. This support is greatly appreciated.