An Emergency Snow Parking Ban is in effect for West Des Moines from 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 18, to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 19. The Emergency Parking Ban applies to all streets in West Des Moines. During an Emergency Parking Ban, cars are subject to a $50 fine and/or towing. 

Mayor & City Council Contacts

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Gaer, StevenMayorMayor and City Council(515) 222-3610
Hardman, ReneeCouncilmember At-LargeMayor and City Council(515) 556-9248
Mickelson, JohnCouncilmember - 2nd WardMayor and City Council(515) 554-7165
Sandager, JimCouncilmember At LargeMayor and City Council(515) 225-7540
Scieszinski, RichardCity AttorneyCity Manager, Mayor and City Council(515) 222-3614
Tomlinson, MeganLegal SecretaryCity Manager, Mayor and City Council(515) 222-3523
Trevillyan, KevinCouncilmember - 1st WardMayor and City Council(515) 240-8786
Trimble, RussCouncilmember - 3rd WardMayor and City Council(515) 554-8746
Truman, Greta Assistant City AttorneyCity Manager, Mayor and City Council(515) 222-3673