The West Des Moines Human Rights Commission is comprised of seven residents of the City of West Des Moines who are appointed by the Mayor for a three-year term. All Mayoral appointments are subject to the approval of the West Des Moines City Council. If you are interested in serving as a Human Rights Commission member, you may request an application from the City Clerk’s office located in City Hall, 4200 Mills Civic Parkway in West Des Moines, or submit the form online.

Current Commissioners:
Sanjita Pradhan, Chair

Lonnette Dafney
Bernell Edwards
Dr. Rich Salas
Heather Schott
Mindy Begenat

Mark Hillenbrand

Councilwoman Renee Hardman, Council Liaison
Laura Reveles, Staff Liaison


Meetings take place monthly beginning in January typically on the second Thursday of each month at 4:30 pm at City Hall in the Council Chambers. There is time allocated for the public to speak at the beginning of each meeting.



Please call the Human Rights phone line at 515-222-3675 or contact Laura Reveles at 515-222-4320.

The West Des Moines City Council passed the Human Rights Ordinance on December 14, 1998. The Human Rights Commission is an appointed body created to foster use of its programs and procedures to proclaim a public policy of non-discrimination by:
~Securing freedom from discriminatory practices
~Protecting individual dignity
~Preserving the public safety, health, and general welfare
~Promoting the interests, rights, and privileges of individual citizens within the City of West Des Moines 

The West Des Moines Human Rights Commission promotes education against discriminatory actions in the areas of:

Employment: Any person, employer, employment agency, labor organization, or representative thereof, to discriminate with regards to job recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, discipline, discharge, compensation, and any other privileges or conditions of employment or to withhold full and equal services.

Housing: A landlord or property manager, a seller, a real estate agent or developer, a bank or other financial institution, a board of Realtors or similar association to refuse to sell, rent, lease, assign, or sublease any real property or housing accommodation, or in the terms, conditions, or privileges thereof.

Public Accommodations & Services: A provider of goods and/or services to refuse or deny to any person the accommodations, advantages, facilities, services, or privileges which are normally offered to the public, or in any way treat some individuals differently.

: Any educational institution to exclude a person or persons from participation in, or the benefits of, any academic, extra-curricular, research, occupational training program or activity, with the exception of athletic programs.

Credit: A loan company or financial institution to deny loans or to impose finance charges or other terms of conditions more onerous than those regularly extended by that creditor, to refuse loan insurance, or to require accounts to be in a spouse’s name.

For more information:

WDM Diversity Advocate for members of the public relating to issues of municipal public services regarding equality and diversity based on age, color, creed, disability, gender identify, national origin, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation: Laura Reveles (515) 222-4320 or

Iowa Department of Human Rights

One Iowa

Iowa Civil Rights Commission

West Des Moines Police Liaison:  Captain James Barrett