WDM EMS and the IA EMS Alliance are gearing up to staff the Solheim Cup and all of the events which surround the actual golf tournament. The tournament takes place at Des Moines Golf and Country Club August 14th-20th. WDM EMS/IA EMS Alliance, along with Mercy Ambulance, Mercy Medical Center and Unity Point Health will be staffing the medical tents and providing medical care to the participants, spectators, and workers throughout the tournament. For more information on the tournament, please visit the Solheim Cup website.

Just in time for the tournament, WDM EMS took delivery of a new events trailer and a new electric vehicle for patient transport. Both were purchased with assistance from the West Des Moines EMS Association, which is largely funded by donations from the community.





WDM EMS/IA EMS Alliance is currently trialing a new schedule. It was recommended by an independent company that we try the 51 schedule. It gives our employees six schedules to choose from. Some employees will be staying on the 24/48 schedule. The other schedule options are a mixture of 24 hour shifts on city 911 ambulances and 12 hour shifts on hospital ambulances. Each schedule option works the majority of shifts on a certain day or days of the week. We will be trialing the schedule for six months, starting July 1st. For more information, check out this JEMS article on the 51 schedule. 

We are currently working on designing the new pediatric ambulance for the Iowa EMS Alliance, which we anticipate ordering in late 2018 and taking delivery of in early 2019! A committee of administration personnel, Unity Point transport nurses, and IA EMS Alliance paramedics went to Lifeline in Sumner, IA to tour the facilities and talk to the salespeople and engineers about the options that we have for the new ambulance. Here are some photos from the trip!


Touring the main warehouse


Touring the main warehouse


The countertop room


The countertop room


Building the cabinets


What the bones of the roof of an ambulance look like


Bare metal interior after welding


Learning about how the ambulance is welded together


Learning about how the roof is welded


One of the many paint booths in the warehouse

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