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City of West Des Moines - City Hall
4200 Mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines, IA  50265

General Information: (515) 222-3600

Millonig, JharredPatrol OfficerPolice
McConnell, TimPatrol OfficerPolice
Mills, BlakePatrol OfficerPolice
McCarty, MatthewSergeant / Patrol Police
Mandi, DevinPatrol OfficerPolice
Morgan, MackPatrol OfficerPolice
Mumm, MasonPatrol OfficerPolice
Mapel, KimSecretaryPolice(515) 222-3308
Morgan, ChrisDetectivePolice(515) 222-3380
Masterson, ChuckSergeant / Community Outreach Programs and ServicesPolice(515) 222-3383
Mankle, Bruce Recreation Facility/Program SupervisorParks & Recreation(515) 222-3454
McAlister, BenPrincipal Engineer - DevelopmentEngineering Services(515) 222-3479
Moomey, JillAdministrative Assistant, Legal Dept.Mayor and City Council(515) 222-3526
Moore, BrodyDetectivePolice(515) 222-3592
Marren, KarenPlannerDevelopment Services(515) 222-3620
Munford, Bradley PlannerDevelopment Services(515) 222-3620
McClelland, DaveBuilding Inspector IIDevelopment Services(515) 222-3630
Montgomery, LesleyAccounting ManagerFinance(515) 222-3635
McElvaney, LaurieReceptionist/ClerkHuman Services(515) 222-3660
Miller, RobertDriverHuman Services(515) 222-3661