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Mosquitoes Gallore!

Keep you and your pets protected

Post Date:07/10/2018 2:26 PM

Yes, mosquitoes are pretty bad this year.  Residents are asking if the City will do additional spraying, especially in the parks and the dog park.  

The City currently has a minimal amount in the budget for helicopter applications of larvacide, some manual applications of larvacide, and material for spraying.  Spraying is mainly done in parks, including Raccoon River Park and the dog park, around holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, when there are very large concentrations of people.  As mosquitos can travel up to 10 miles per day, eradicating them by spraying or applications of larvacide is simply not possible. The City also has to keep in mind that there are those on the other side of the issue who want no chemical treatment done at all due to possible health implications for people and pets.  In summary, the City is doing what can be done with available funding, and there is no indication that a full-scale spraying program would be effective.

We will be placing larvacide in the mud volleyball pits adjacent to the dog park.  Also, we will be asking that all water bowls be emptied immediately after use. With all of the naturally occurring standing water in Raccoon River Park, we realize these are small steps, but still things that can be done.

Many of our park areas, including other popular facilities, are also experiencing large numbers of mosquitos.  For anyone using outdoor areas, the Center for Disease Control states that the best way to minimize exposure to mosquitoes is through long pants and long-sleeved clothing and the use of DEET spray. For more information visit

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